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Owner Financing presents multiple benefits for both buyer and seller.  It enables investors to sell quickly and usually more profitably and it allows a buyer to get into a home that he/she wouldn't be able to buy otherwise.  It is truly a win/win for both sides. But like all things, you must know the laws and regulations. Real estate laws and lending laws both apply.   
Owner Financing is very resiliant to changing market conditions.  Your product is now financing, not the home. There are typically far more buyers needing the financing than there are homes available.  Meaning you sell very quickly - even in soft markets. This is basic supply and demand.  More people need owner financing today than ever before but there are simply not enough homes to go around.  

 SELLERS reap several benefits:
1. Sell at better than market pricing 
2. Sell and close much faster 
3. Sell with far less cost
4. $ at closing, $ monthly, $ exit closing

BUYERS reap rewards too:
1. Able to buy a home where they could not before 
2. Build equity where rent would be wasted
3. Enjoy tax benefits where, again, rent is wasted
4. Mortgage payments dont change, rent goes up!
- (taxes and insurance will go up but not as fast as rent) 
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