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If you are a Realtor or an Investor, you know you know that, while the market has been HOT, it is SOFTENING.  Selling is getting more difficult, lenders are still too cautious and regulations are too restrictive (making the process more and more difficult).  I often tell people that we do not have a Real Estate problem, we have a lending problem.  The lending market is simply too ..... difficult.     
In times like these, you must adapt to survive.  That is what our program is all about.  Adapting to a changing marketplace.  Owner Financing represents a HUGE opportunity.  Those that know how to do it correctly have a significant competitive advantage in the market place. 
Simply put, owner financing puts you into a SELLER'S MARKET, takes you out of the buyer's market and puts you back in control of the transaction.  This is basic supply and demand.  More people need owner financing today than ever before but there are simply not enough homes to go around.  With owner financing, you reap several benefits:
  1. Sell at TOP OF MARKET PRICING (no more discounting) 
  2. Sell MUCH FASTER 
  3. Sell with FAR LESS COST
For a free consultation, please contact Steve Skillern at 281-569-1816 or 713-498-2349 or email me at


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